YWCA Youth Camp has provided service since 1968, providing day camp, overnight camp and leading adventure activities. In order to cope with the changes of society, the renovation of the camp was started from 2004 and offically launched in January 2009. Our camp has now been re-named as the "YWCA Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge".The resort incorporates sky gardens, natural lighting, concrete dry walls and other natural design features by the 2009 World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA) and the 2007 Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Merit Award.


Price updated
The catering and accomodation cost has been renewed. All charges are based on the new forms which could be downloaded here.

Acknowledge SDTFR's support
Thanks for the sponsorship of Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation for 2017-18. The fund is to be used for purchasing recreation equipments.

Food Waste Recycling Program
Thanks for the sponsorship of Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to support the Food Reduce, Re-use, Recycle Experiential Camp, all leftover will be transfered to our food waste recycling machine in each meal. We hope that the machine will be just a back up to utilize unfinished food and we sincerely hope all campers could complete all the dishes for our better environment.

Don't want to miss out? Here's a little tip!
To increase your chances of getting a booking, please list multiple dates as preferences in which you would like to stay at the lodge.