Step 1 : Download and complete the Registration Form
To book the Holiday Lodge, please download the Registration Form& Price List from our web site. The completed Registration Form could be sent by mail / fax / email.

Apply as Registered Organization or Company Booking
The completed Registration Form must included the signature & company/organization chop. All the eligible outside bodies may be requested to submit proven certification if necessary.

Apply as Individual Booking
Hong Kong citizen over 18 years old who attends the whole camping period is eligible for hiring the camp as a leader of a group. The team leader can complete the Registration Form and return it with a copy of the identity card to the Booking Office.

Please book in advance if you would like to join our lodge activities. For more details, please contact our staff via phone or email.

To book the activities, group leader should attach the Camp Activities Application Form (Complete PART A ONLY) with the Registration Form.

Step 2 : Catering & Facilities Booking
The hiring organization/leader should complete the Catering, Facilities Application Form & Price List for Catering and Venue arrangement. These arrangements must be confirmed and paid 2 weeks prior to the camping period at the latest. Any overdue booking and submission will absolutely not be entertained by the Holiday Lodge.

As the Lodge venue is limited, the lodge will cope with the venue booking according to the numbers of group booking on that day. The lodge may also reserve part of the venue for internal usage.

The number of people dining must match the number initially booked by the group - The Lodge reserves the right to charge for additional numbers dining.

Step 3: Shuttle Bus Booking
The hiring organization can book the shuttle bus on their own, please click here for more details.
To book the shuttle bus through us, the hiring organization / leader should complete the Coach Price List & Booking Form for Coach Rental arrangement and send to the Holiday Lodge with payment 1 months prior to the camping period. Any overdue booking and submission will absolutely not be entertained by the Holiday Lodge.

Step 4 : Payment Method
Once the application has been accepted, the hiring organization/leader has to pay the deposit or full payment at specific date according to the invoice :

Booking more than 3 months prior to camping period:
50% deposit must be paid within 2 weeks of the issued invoice date. The deadline has also indicate on the invoice.
The balance needs to be settled 3 months before camping period.

Booking less than 3 months prior to camping period:
Full payment is required to be paid within 1 weeks of the issued invoice date. The deadline has also indicate on the invoice.

a. Failure of payment will result in the cancellation of the application. The person in-charge should also inform the lodge as soon as possible if the group would like to cancel the booking.

b. No refund even the actual no of camper reduced. All the deposit and payment cannot be refunded or transferred to other payments or reschedule.

c. If the number of campers is increased, the hiring organization / leader must inform the Holiday Lodge and pay for the extra camper in advance. Otherwise, the lodge reserves all the right to prohibit the additional camper to enter the lodge.

d. Payment Method: Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Please refer to invoice for more payment details. Original payment slip must be sent to us by mail or in-hand.

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