YWCA Youth Camp has provided service since 1968, providing day camp, overnight camp and adventure activities. Our camp has been renovated in 2004 and offically launched in January 2009, which now been re-named as the "HKYWCA Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge".The resort incorporates sky gardens, natural lighting, concrete dry walls and other natural design features by the 2009 World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA) and the 2007 Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Merit Award.

Vision, Mission & Values

Let people understand that God's creation is originally good and so to encourage living in harmony between human and nature.

Act as a bridge between human and nature, inspire people to adore nature and human being in different perspective and so to respect each other.
Through our service, people could rejoice and obtain satisfaction and so to facilitate mental and physical well-being.
By motivating positive thinking, we could develop a better understanding of yourself and others so to discover your inner potential.
Promoting and inheriting the ideas of sustainable living among human being.

Respect and Appreciate
Positive Thinking
Team Spirit
Serve Attentively


2019-2020 Outdoor Education Camp Enrolment
The program enrolment date starts from 16 May 2019. School could fax or email the 2019-2020 Outdoor Education Camp Form to us for application. Please click here for details.

Rooftop Garden Wedding Venue Booking
If you wish to hold a rooftop garden wedding in a relaxed setting, here's an option for you. Please click here for details.

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