The lodge is located in Lantau restricted area, organization could choose to take public transport or book shuttle bus, details as below.

Shuttle Bus

The lodge could book the shuttle bus for the hiring organization but leader has to apply 2 months prior to the camp date and also paid the coach fees at the same time. Bus fees need to settle when you make a booking. The hiring organization must get on the bus on time or additional cost may be charged for late arrival.

WAY 1:NO NEED to apply Lantau Closed Road Permit

The hiring organization could book the shuttle bus company from Lantau on your own, contact details as below:

Easyway Bus Co: 2980 3135
Lantau Tours: 2984 8255

WAY 2:NEED TO apply Lantau Closed Road Permit

Our lodge is located in restricted area, the group need to change Lantau bus in Tung Chung if you would like to book the bus by your self. Or you could apply “Lantau Closed Road Permit” and “Tung Chung Road Prohibited Zone Permit”  from Transportation Department for direct bus from the town to the lodge.

Application Procedure:
Once your booking is confirmed, leader need to download and complete the TD348B form from Transportation Department

Please fax the completed form and below attachments to Transportation Department

1. A copy of valid vehicle registration documents of the non-franchised buses concerned
2. A copy of Annexure of the Passenger Service License (TD260D)
3. Proven letter from the lodge to shown the camp booking dates

Applications shall be made not less than 2 weeks and not more than 3 months before the camp date and would be processed on a first come, first served basis.

Transportation Department will update the application procedure on their website, they will also let the applicant know the result by fax.

If the application is approved, the applicant is required to bring the approval letter and a copy of the vehicle registration documents to the Hong Kong Licensing Office to collect the permit. Please note a fee is charged for the issue of Lantau Closed Road Permit ($75)

Public Transport

Take Fast Ferry from Central to Mui Wo at Pier No.6, Then, take Lantau Bus 1, 4 or 3M at Mui Wo Ferry Pier, journey time is approx. 15 minutes, stop at HKYWCA Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge main entrance. Sectional Fare only applies at Bus 1 & 4.

Approved charitable institutions, uniformed groups or schools can apply the government scheme of providing free ferry rides

Take Lantau Bus 3M in Tung Chung, journey time is aprox. 20 minutes.

Bus 3M to Mui Wo Ferry Pier: Stop at HKYWCA Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge main entrance.

Bus 11 to Tai O: Stop at roundabout between Lautau South road and Tung Chung road, then takes 2 minutes walking distance to the lodge.

Bus 23 to Ngong Ping: Stop at roundabout between Lautau South road and Tung Chung road, then takes 2 minutes walking distance to the lodge.

From Tung Chung MTR station D exit to the lodge, taxi fares are around $60-70.

From Mui Wo Ferry Pier to the lodge which charges around $40-50.
Call Taxi Number: 29841368/29841328 


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